Directional EM tyre with excellent traction.
The considerable tread depth guarantees good traction together with satisfactory speed.
The tread compound is characterised by low heat development, thus ensuring high average speeds together with optimum hourly performance.

E3 G3 L3
Tread depth

12.00x24 21
13.00x24 22
14.00x24 (385/95x24) 22
16.00x24 26
13.00x25 22
14.00x25 (385/95x25) 22
15.5x25 (395/80x25) 23
16.00x25 (445/95x25) 26
17.5x25 (445/80x25) 25
18.00x25 (505/95x25) 28
20.5x25 (525/80x25) 26
23.5x25 (605/80x25) 31
26.5x25 (685/80x25) 34